​Emily Barnes is more than just a musician; she’s a storyteller that sets the lives of her characters to music. Her sophomore release Let in the Light should be both required reading and listening for anyone who is feeling or has ever felt fractured by life.” - Divide and Conquer


With a voice that cuts to the bone and songs that pull on the heart strings, Emily Barnes has the ability to turn any room into a listening room.  

 With a diverse four albums and many miles under her belt, Barnes is a seasoned singer-songwriter who continues to build a grassroots following from city to small town, one new believer at a time. Her most recent release, Rare Birds, thrust her onto the national stage including a trip to the highly coveted Kerrville Folk Festival. Now based in Colorado, Barnes writes vivid songs of empathy, love and perseverance over lush melodies.  

There is a feeling one gets when witnessing something authentic and rare, and that aura permeates the room at an Emily Barnes show.


The Maybelle Series is a Nashville style in the round show featuring a lineup of female songwriters sharing the stage for a unique and intimate showcase much like the ones found in the heart of music city. This style of show allows the songwriter’s sets to bleed into one another, to play off one another, and for the audience the experience is one that is much more intimate than the traditional. Featuring songwriters Lyndy Butler, Lacey Williams, and Emily Barnes.


WUWF NPR RadioLive

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Museum of Commerce , 201 Zaragoza Street, Pensacola, FL

RadioLive is the first Thursday of each month at the Museum of Commerce in downtown Historic Pensacola. The show is live on-air at 88.1FM and begins promptly at 6 p.m. Doors open after soundcheck, around 5 p.m. Tickets are $10 each. Upon purchase, you will receive an email confirmation, and you simply check in at the door under your name.