The Lodge at Woods Boss

The Lodge , 675 22nd Street, Denver, CO

Alicia Stockman:

Among the Utah mountains she calls home, Alicia Stockman draws inspiration from the landscape's rugged honesty and its deliberate pace. Influenced by Jewel, Susan Tedeschi, Grace Potter, and the Indigo Girls, her music weaves through folk, blues, and pop, with a dash of country, landing under the banner of Americana. With lyrically rich compositions, intricate guitar work, and sultry-sweet vocals, Alicia captivates audiences with her authentic storytelling and soulful delivery.

Live video: Halfway to Houston

Emily Barnes:

With a voice that cuts to the bone and songs that pull on the heart strings, Emily Barnes has the ability to turn any room into a listening room. With a diverse four albums and many miles under her belt, Barnes is a seasoned singer-songwriter who continues to build a grassroots following from city to small town, one new believer at a time. Her most recent release, Rare Birds, thrust her onto the national stage including a trip to the highly coveted Kerrville Folk Festival. Now based in Colorado, Barnes writes vivid songs of empathy, love and perseverance over lush melodies. There is a feeling one gets when witnessing something authentic and rare, and that aura permeates the room at an Emily Barnes show.

Live video: End of the Rainbow